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You can search for almost ANYTHING here -- by STATE but spell the entire state name -- by CITY -- by the NAME of a person Alabama Great Southern Railroad HOWEVER you will need to do TWO searches as the search engine only finds exact results --  as an example -- if you search for Jay Gould   you will need to put in Jay Gould and then later do another search as  Gould Jay   as people are listed both ways ALSO you can search by COMPANY or general TOPIC  -- like Oil, Navigation, Religion, Insurance etc.
50-200 Years Old -- All Original -- No Reproductions!!
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1. Antique Stock & Bond Certificates Scripophily
a. Railroad -- b. Mining -- C. Oil & Petroleum -- d. Bank & Banking -- e. Gas -- f. Utility -- g. Insurance -- h. Automobile -- i. Shipping & Navigation Stock Certificate -- j. Miscellaneous & Other
2. Historical Autographs
a. American History -- b. The Robber Barons
3. Cigar Box Labels, Boxes and Cigar Label Art
There are over 20 albums on many different subjects.
4. Wall Street History & Business Books & Documents
Jay Gould -- James "Jim" Fisk Jr. -- Cornelius Vanderbilt -- "The Commodore" -- Daniel Drew -- John D Rockefeller -- J P Morgan -- Andrew Carnegie -- Collis P Huntington -- Leland Stanford -- Abraham Lincoln -- P T Barnum -- Buffalo Bill -- William F Cody -- Transcontinental Railroad.
Current Announcements
5. Antique 100 year Old Checks
6. Ornate Letterheads & Billheads Antique
7. Paper Ephemera 100 Year Old
8. Patriotic Civil War Soldiers Letters
9. Railroad Passes
10. Antique Vaudeville & Theatrical Posters
11. Puck & The Judge Newspapers
12. Steel Engraved Portaits & 100 Year Old Lithographs
13. Cigar box Labels
Please search for any of these categories & topics.
Animal -- birds -- Children -- Christmas -- Cuba -- Famous Men -- Famous Women -- Flowers -- Fantasy -- Hunting -- Fishing -- Baseball  Bowling and Other Sports.
14. Antique Insurance Policies and History


Welcome to the Wonderful World of collecting ANTIQUE STOCKS and BONDS, also known as SCRIPOPHILY. These documents are all guaranteed to be genuine and original forever.



1. This area of collecting has only recently been "discovered" and therefore is very undervalued! Unlike coins--- stamps--- etc--- where the prices have been extremely high for decades--- the prices of antique stocks are currently very undervalued. Great rarities--- where only 4 or 5 of a particular stock may exist--- can presently be purchased for
$300 - $ 500. In NO OTHER internationally recognized hobby can you buy such World Class Rarities for so little.  This won't be the case forever!!  .

2. Many people buy "so called "Limited Editions" of prints etc.-- where they "ONLY MADE"--- 5000 or so AND they pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for these recently CREATED "rarities"--- Why buy a Fad?-- when in Scripophily - you can buy ORIGINAL documents that are nearly 100 years old and in some cases signed by the very people who built America-- for as little as $ 25 - $100. THESE ARE the ORIGINAL LIMITED EDITIONS!!!!! Most stocks and bonds were only made in very small quantities-- and MOST were destroyed long ago. Also they are virtually impossible to counterfeit or reproduce-- as they were engraved on special BANKNOTE quality paper with engraved Vignettes or Pictures.

3. That's why I'm so excited about this HOBBY. As more and more people discover Scripophily-- TODAY'S PRICES will look like a great bargain of the century!!!

  I Want To Buy Cigar Box Labels!!!  
Paying High Prices!

I especially want all "Salesman Sample Books"of labels and "Proof Labels"-- but I will buy all others except for the very common ones.

I Am The Big Buyer!

Also buying Cigar Boxes  --mostly pre 1920 vintage  --  must have a nice label inside the lid.    

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